Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The second last-minute credit report before closing

Up till now, realtors and homebuyers were infrequently affected by this practice. Starting June 1st, 2010, it becomes the rule rather than the exception. Your lender is likely to order a second credit screening immediately before closing. It is part of Fannie Mae's "loan quality initiative" to cut down on slipshod underwriting and fraud by borrowers. This second report is designed to find out whether you have obtained, or even shopped for, new debt between time of loan application and the closing. If you have made applications for credit of any type, the closing may be put on hold pending further investigation, and your transaction could potentially fall through.
How should a borrower prepare for the new credit check procedures? Just follow one basic rule: total abstinence. Resist new spending completely between loan application and closing. And don't apply for new credit or increase credit lines without discussing it with your lender first!

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