Friday, June 4, 2010

First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit: How Long Will Funds Last?

These estimates give a general idea of the number of applications received and the amount requested for the First-Time Buyer Credit. 57% of the estimated requested credit is shown since the $100 million cap will only be reduced by 57% of the credit allocated to the buyer. The amounts do not reflect actual amounts which will be allocated. Once the state determines that they have received sufficient applications to allocate the full $100 million, they will stop accepting applications for the First-Time Buyer Credit. There is also a separate "New Home" Credit.
First-Time Buyer Credit Applications
As of # Apps Received 57% of Estimated Requested Credit
05/04/10 430 $ 2,351,000
05/11/10 2,470 $ 13,283,000
05/18/10 4,830 $ 25,473,000
05/25/10 7,330 $ 38,357,000
06/01/10 9,760 $ 50,948,000

Applications are quickly absorbing available funds.
At this rate, I don't expect the credit to last much past July 2010.

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