Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FHA loan cost is going up

FHA loan cost is going up on Sept 7th, 2010, unless you have an accepted contract by this date and your lender has a case number. (Case numbers can only be obtained if there is an address.)
Monthly mortgage insurance will increase from .50% to .90% for loans over 15 year term. (Despite the new ability to charge 1.55 percent, FHA officials say an increase to 0.90 percent would be sufficient to self-insure its loans.)
In everyday terms, assuming a $200,000 mortgage, the math to a homeowner looks as follows:
* Current Premium (0.55%) : $91.67 monthly mortgage insurance premium
* Expected Increase (0.90%) : $150.00 monthly mortgage insurance premium
* Maximum Increase (1.55%) : $258.33 monthly mortgage insurance premium
The news is not all terrible, however.
FHA has also said it plans to reduce its upfront mortgage insurance premium paid at closing from 2.25 percent down to 1.000 percent.
On the same $200,000 mortgage, that would reduces closing costs by $2,500.
However, the potential for reduced seller paid closing costs from a maximum of 6% down to 3% will mean higher entry cost and higher monthly payments for minimum down buyers.
The California Tax Credit Application Deadline is August 15,2010. Funds are limited, and not all applicants will be accepted.
All in all, several compelling reasons for minimum down homebuyers to get into contract now!

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